Young Ringers Festival and Festival Conference 2019

Date:  June 28-30, 2019

Location:  Lancaster Conference Center, Lancaster, PA

Check back on this page often to see new details as they are available!


Repertoire is Here!

Young Ringers Festival Repertoire:

Title Comp/Arr Level Cat # Oct $ Opt. Instr
Prince of Peace Ingram L1 MCGB545 2-3 $3.83
MCGB741 3-5 $3.83
Arky Arky Hakes L2 MLC202014L 2-3 $4.21 Chimes
Two Worship Songs Scholes L2 MLC202029L 2-3 $5.06
(Amazing Grace)
Morning Glory Austin L2- AGEHR TBA 2-3
(Composition Contest Winner)
Division A
Water Music Waldrop L1 MAP16476 2-3 $2.98
Music of the Masters Rogers L1+ MCGB546 2-3 $25.46
(reproducible)(Great Gate of Kiev)
Division B
Heaven’s Rest Nelson L2 MHP2115 2-3 $4.21 Chimes/Opt. C Inst.
Knocking! Knocking! Who Is There Rose L2 MFBBG0969 3 $3.40


Festival Conference Repertoire:

Prayer for the Innocents Helman L2+ MLC201964L 3-6 $4.68 Chimes
Fantasia on Ebenezer Waldrop L2+ MLC201654L 3 or 5 $4.68
The Adventure Begins Mallory L2+ MJHS9563 2-6 $5.06 Chimes/Perc.
Together We Stand (Composition Contest Winner) McKlveen AGEHR TBA 3-5
Heavenly Sunlight Cook/Edwards L2 MRO3347 3 or 5 $5.06 Chimes
He’s Got the Whole World Stephenson L2 MCGB739 3 $3.83
Children Go Where I  Send Thee Tucker L3+ MAP46235 3-5 $4.21 Chimes
Toccata on King’s Weston Compton L3+ MHP2767 3-6 $4.46 Chimes
Uncommon Adoration Morris L6 MAG56004 5-6 $3.83
Greensleeves Moklebust L4 MJHS9293 5-7 $4.89 Chimes/Perc