Area 2 is creating a registry of all the handbell programs and ringers in the area – members and non-members.  We are hoping to be able to use this resource to direct ringers who are new to the area to programs near them in order to allow them to continue ringing.  If you know of other programs in your area, or if you are not a member of HMA but would like your program listed, please send us an email at [email protected].   We will add your information to the registry.  If you are already a member of HMA – Area 2, we have your information and will use that for the start of the full registry.  If you specifically do NOT want your information added to the registry, please email us for that as well and we will make sure your information does not get added.  We hope to be able to create a more comprehensive listing of all the programs in Area 2 in order to be of greater service to the ringers that call Area 2 home.