Contributing To The Area 2 General Endowment Fund

Please consider contributing to the growth of our Endowment Fund to further our work in the art of Handbell music.

A general form is available to help simplify your giving to our Endowment Fund. The Area 2  Endowment  Gifting Form can be found here. Thank you for your generosity.

Receiving Grants from the Area 2 General Endowment Fund

Area 2 sponsors several grants and scholarship programs which are funded through the Area 2 Endowment Fund, a part of the organization’s charitable branch. Grant funds are made to Area 2 members, organizations and Area 2 subgroups for projects that support the mission of AGEHR and Area 2 and to encourage and support creative projects. Scholarship funds are distributed to qualifying applicants for individual scholarships to promote the art of handbell ringing and directing.

To apply for grants from the Endowment Fund, download and complete the application at:

Endowment Funds Application

Please mail the Endowment Funds Application plus the required supporting documents to the Area 2 Endowment Chair.