Positions Available


Handbell Musicians of America Area 2 offers this listing of Positions Available as a service to its members and the handbell community.  These listings are posted according to the information provided and do not represent an endorsement by Area 2 officers, or its committees.  Before responding to a post below, applicants are encouraged to research the listing organization as they prepare their application for the position advertised.

To have your position listed here, please include the following information:
1)  Your location (City, State)
2)  Description of position including name and address of organization, equipment, expectations, contact information, etc.
Please email the information to the HMA Area 2 Webmaster at:  [email protected]
An example of the format of a job posting is shown below:

Anytown, NY

This is a sample of what a position description should look like.  Please include the name and address of the organization plus the organization’s web address if there is one available.  Also please list the equipment available including the number of octaves of bells and chimes, the instrument manufacturer, the job description (number of hours per week, number of bell choirs, number of services per week, etc.) and any other information that you believe is important in describing the position offered.  Also please be sure to include name and address or email of the person to whom the applicant should send their resume.