Vibration Vacation Details

We are sorry to announce cancellation of our Allison Park, PA event due to low registration.  Our Hackettstown, NJ event will still be held.  Hope to see  you there!
August 14-15, 2014
Hackettstown, NJ


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Ron Bellamy

Ron will be our extraordinary Group Ringing Clinician at both sites!  Ron is a well known handbell soloist and clinician from Area 2 who has performed and taught at area and national events.

In New Jersey (August 14-15)  Cory Davis:

Cory Davis will do a class focusing on the battery.  He will also lead a class on FLASH MOB! 

BATTERY BELLS:  In this class, ringers and directors will learn to recognize foreground, middleground, and background patterns in handbell music, and learn techniques to effectively use the battery bells of the choir to create an appropriate scaffolding on which the melody and phrasing of a particular piece hangs.

FLASH MOB!  Learn to put together your own flash mob of handbell ringers with Cory Davis, the originator (along with the amazing folks at Improv Everywhere) of the viral YouTube video Guerilla Handbell Strikeforce. Participants will receive copies of the original “Joy To The World” that was written for the video for use with their choirs, and also discuss how to adapt existing music to create their own flash mob events.

Additional Classes

Additional classes on various handbell ringing techniques will be taught by the area 2 board clinicians.  There will be an opportunity to learn or improve your skills on shelley and 4 in hand techniques. You can hone your skills on stopped sounds and learn proper weaving techniques.

Reading Sessions

There will be reading sessions of new music.   We will also read through some of the festival music chosen for the 2015 Area 2 Festival being held at Scranton University in Scranton Pennsylvania.

Music For Group Ringing

When you arrive there will be packets of music for your selected division.  Remember that you will need to pay for the music when you receive it. Each packet will contain 3 pieces of music selected by the committee for group ringing. You are not expected to learn it before you arrive. 

 Additional Information

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